Thursday, 25 June 2009

Just like busses three come along at once

I have heard of three deaths tonight, and it is strange the way people react to them, as most of us have never even met them or even those that did probably never really knew them.

Farrah Fawcett

The first was, one that was expected, and yet I doubt it would have made it any easier for her friends and family, as Farrah Fawcett finally lost her battle against Cancer.

LOS ANGELES – A winsome smile, tousled hair and unfettered sensuality were Farrah Fawcett's trademarks as a sex symbol and 1970s TV star in "Charlie's Angels." But as her life drew to a close, she captivated the public in a far different way: as a cancer patient who fought for, then surrendered, her treasured privacy to document her struggle with the disease and inspire others.

Fawcett, 62, died Thursday morning at St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica, nearly three years after being diagnosed with anal cancer. Ryan O'Neal, the longtime companion who returned to her side when she became ill, was with her.

More of the story here : Yahoo News

Michael Jackson

The next came as a bit of a shock, and I suppose you just know the ghouls will be all over it with the sick jokes, forgetting that it will be Michael Jacksons children and family that will have to live with those jokes, and just as sick comments that seemed to plague him in the last ten years.

Michael Jackson, singer, songwriter, performer, and perhaps the most famous pop star of modern times, died tonight less than a fortnight before he was due to start a record-breaking 50-concert tour in Britain.

Jackson was rushed to hospital in Los Angeles from his home in the Bel Air district while paramedics tried to restart his heart after he suffered what the coroner later described as a "full cardiac arrest".

More on this story from the Times

For me both are sad events that leave behind grieving family members, who now have to face up to the future without their loved one, and who should be giving some space and time to grieve.

But will they get it? I very much doubt it, as the idiots will buy more papers with those stories than without.

The Michael Jackson death keeps going back to the same argument for me, which is how much protection should we offer celebrities, especially as in MJ's case, when they start off their career as children.
Yes they enjoy the fame or the money that goes with the job, but does that mean they have to give up being human?
Does that mean the fan has to continue acting like some jealous partner not allowing the person they are supposed to love any freedom to breath and grow?

Maybe it is time the fans prove their love, by taking action, and start giving these humans some life back. As it seems that what is destroying most of the stars is the demands of stardom put on by their fans, and when the celebrities complain about it, it just seems to come across as sour grapes, as the next day they actually need the publicity.
Using complex laws just does not seem to work, as we keep seeing the broadcast or photographed breakdown of so many celebrities, and I am sure the fans would stop buying the papers, which showed images that were taking in a manner that was preventing their favourite celebrity the opportunity to grow, or would not go toward them if they knew the celebrity was just trying to enjoy a small slice of normality.
Instead of the laws that do not really seem to be helping, make it something simple, like the wearing of a red hat, means they want to be left alone. It does not have to be a red hat, just happened to be the colour I selected when I was making the designs for the blog image. The point is that if the image in a paper or magazine shows whatever the selected thing is, then do not buy it if you're a fan.
If you see your favourite person wandering around some place and they are wearing the red hat, or whatever, then instead of approaching them shoving your autograph book in their face, you let them get on with it.
I don't know it just seems to me if the government or the press will not protect your favourite celebrity, maybe it is time for the fans to make the rules, and decide they want better for another human being.

Gary Hendrickson - The Auction Rebel

The last death, yet no less important, even though it is not likely to be front page news, or giving live commentary from the BBC, or any other TV station, and has just been spread discreetly round the blogs and ebay related sites, as if between friends, which is possibly the better way for it to happen.

Gary, better known as The Auction Rebel was one of the original eBay bloggers that I started following in the early days of TameBay. Sadly his family have reported on his blog that Gary passed away on Tuesday this week.

Gary’s readers will remember him for his “Garage Sale Challenges” where he documented the gems he found and the prices the items fetched at auction. I’ve followed his challenges with great interest over the years and he’s never failed to inspire with his dedication to show that “real eBaying”, as it was in the early days, is still alive and kicking.

The story I first read on PSU here and then Tamebay here

good bye

Posted on 24 June 2009 by Gary H

I am sorry to write that we lost a friend yesterday. Gary passed away about noon on Tuesday June 23rd following a massive heart attack with no previous warning.

We know that this sight and computer auctions were a big part of his life and so wanted to let anyone out there know what had happened.

The rest of this announcement on the Auction rebels blog

I had never heard of this blog before, and I have been back several times as I write this following the links and reading the information Gary has added, and some of the information being supplied is priceless, and well worth a read for those trying to find more information on what sells, and even where to find it. I would recommend taking a look at the Garage sale challenge here. This is all very old ebay, with the community spirit, and friends helping each other, while trying to make a little extra cash, and the Plan It! Believe It! Work It! Achieve It! tag line under the title is great advice.
The garage sale challenge does have a serious side, and would possibly be a good thing to work on, even if by yourself, especially now ebay are making it more and more difficult to make a living.
Keep a good record of what you get from where, how much it makes, how much it cost to sell, and any other information that can help in the long run, as six months down the line you may just be wondering why you have not got enough to feed the cat.

I think you will find it well worth a read, and maybe find it a little sad when you think that these are the people ebay are doing all they can to get rid of.

Maybe the reason death comes like a bad bus service when it is not as personal, is to make us all take a little time to think about how our own lives are shaping up. Are we doing all we can, all we want to do, and are we where we want to be?

I know the three people above, each seemed to make the most of their lives, and if their death matters to you, then you can at least take some comfort in that, and if not at least take a moment to think about any ways you could improve your own life.

My commiserations go out to the families of those I have mentioned. Just remember their smile and it will get you through in time

Ah well the sun is rising and it looks as if it will be another fine summer day, all messages are sent, all packages posted, and life goes on.