Monday, 28 June 2010

World Cup 2010 england slaughtered england humiliated england beaten

And I use the lower case e on purpose, as that is all they deserved.

What a diabolical travesty of a game that was and even though some players worked their behinds off, the fact that some members of the team should not have been on the pitch just made it all the more sad, as they just could not do what was called for to defend against the Germans.

I said the other day that the fact fabio capello could not work out the problems they were having worried me and he showed those worries were well founded, as he had to have seen the problems the team were having in their defense. Upson should not have been on that field, as he was out of his depth, and I suppose when it reached the second half and he was still there is the point I gave up and knew we were doomed, along with the manager and the team.
The Manager made some changes that were pointless and were never going to solve the problems and now I hear he is saying I may just sit it out and collect the money from the contract. Even though he knows he has to hold his hands up and take the blame. If the team do not perform then it means you picked the wrong players in the first place.

But that is what happens when you build your team around one player and you suddenly find that player is off their game. Gerard got so tired of passing the ball to Rooney to see it wasted that he tried shooting for goal himself but that went to nothing, as he was trying from the position he was forced into.

And the goal that was but was not. I suppose the Germans will say just deserts for the one of sixty six, but I still feel that in this day and age that in such a major championship that it is making a mockery of the competition, when so many decisions are so blatantly wrong, especially the offside decisions that seem to be so hit and miss.

I don't know I suppose we now have to sit around for another four years and see what the hell they do to mess up the next one. But what annoys the fans so much is that we know they are better than their performance and if it is pressure or tiredness that is making them play so bad then maybe it is time to start moving away from the premiership for the England team, as at least they will enjoy the game and you never know the heart to play factor can turn mice into lions. They can't do any worse than the current selection.

And yes I know I said england would win against Germany in my last post but that was just me being a fan and thinking happy thoughts, and hoping beyond hope that capello knew what he was doing. OK I was wrong, as it seems he does not know his arse from his elbow.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

World Cup 2010 England Vs Slovenia


So England play their final game and all we can do is wait to see if they have fixed the problems the team have been having.

All I can say is good luck lads, and stop reading the damned papers if they bother you that much, most of the British press is owned by foreign companies any how so what they going to want to hear, as you more often than not face their home country.

Well they WON and more importantly showed the spirit that they had been lacking, and even Rooney held onto the ball and ignore the fact he did not get a goal and be thankful he is shooting again. Strikers always miss a few.

it was good to see Capello so buzzing and through that first match side interview, he looked as if he had been running the pitch as a player, as he was so elated.

Congrats to the USA that got through top of the group, I missed the match but it was supposed to be a good show from them.

So now onto The classic England Vs Germany match that the doom merchants have already started their woe is me chants. I don't know if they are right, as this team does have the talent to win if they play to their best ability and if Rooney starts playing the way we know he can, then goodbye Germany.

In reality I think it will be a hard fought game, as the maturity of the England team fights to defeat the youth of the German team and I still think that maturity counts in these sort of games.
If the England team play their own game I see this ending up a 2-1 victory to England, the only problem with that is the Gerard factor, as he is still playing on the left and although he is playing well there, there is no one to take over the first tough goal that he tends to offer when the defence choke the path of the striker. But if Rooney does do what we know he can and Lampard can take that role from Gerard, then add another two goals to the English scoreline.

Well what ever happens then role on Sunday it should be a game worth watching, even though it could be torture I am looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

What an odd World cup this has been as South Africa leave on a high

Africa fought well in their last game but were unable to do enough to stay in and their fans should be proud of them.
I still have no idea what happened to the French team who are also out. Just another oddity of this world cup.
Sad to see the French manager refusing to shake the hand of  his counterpart of the South African team, which I think shows the mentality of this little man and probably gives people more idea of why the French team were struggling so badly.

To the french and African Supporters that are feeling down and would like to try out some shopping therapy, you may like to look at that does have both French and South African sites

And now we wait for the England game and see if the players can get some feeling or pride for playing for their national side and we can also be grateful that even though they are playing rubbish, they are still not loosing, unlike France, Germany, Spain, who have all lost games, England have played like crap and still taking a point, so for all those doom merchants, it is still not too late to turn this around and step into the next stage with our heads held high and this is England we are talking about that will do everything the hard way.

I still say the fact that no one has done anything stupid is something to be thankful for, as with the state of play, we could be going into the next game with a lot more players unable to play. But then again some people may see that as a bad thing, stating that for a player to act stupid they would have to actually care in the first place and a lot of people are feeling this team of players are just doing this to add zeros to their own price and do not have the pride in the shirt of others that have gone before. Terry is already trying the blame the manager game in a funny episode that had me puzzled as to why he was talking for the players, as he is no longer captain.
I don't know personally I am just tired of hearing excuses and whining about team position, this one playing with that one or anything else they wish to add, as these are professional footballers playing for their country and heart and pride should make any position the right position. I have seen players going in goal after their goal keeper had been sent off after all the subs had been used and the players did not stand there whining about being out of position, they got on with it.

What I am worried about is the fact Fabio Cappello said in an interview that he was unsure why England were not able to do the same on the pitch as they do in training. Now that worried me a lot, as he has to fix the problem that he does not understand. Then all the interview crap that has been going on, I just feel their time would be better spent fixing the problems, than playing games with the press.

And now onto tonight's football and who to watch, the Nigeria or Argentina game? I am tempted to watch the Nigeria game after the South African game, but the Argentinian game should be a good one, as they will be going for goals, as always.

Well that was fun. Nice to see Martin's again. One of those players that should be great, as he has two good feet and is fast and can maneuver well but is just missing that something. But they are out now along with Greece.

Someone on the radio just said that the Brazilian players are spending their nights with their wives and girlfriends and look how good they are doing, So on that level the British have been stopped from spending time with their wives and girlfriends and they are playing really bad. So I am wondering so how long ago was it when the French players seen their wives and girlfriends?

Monday, 21 June 2010

Whatever happened to the World Cup

Last few days of football overdose has been insane, the Spanish, who were pegged as favorites struggling to get going and then the Germans, not only getting beat but missing a penalty. We have had the Argentine team being saved by a linesman error, as up to the point of that offside goal their heads were dropping. The Americans putting on a show in a game they should have won, as that third goal was fine. Some strange player antics that still have me puzzled. Some of this can be blamed on that beachball FIFA have used for the world cup but most just stupid mistakes by players, referees and the moment.
But as always you can always rely on the English team to do all they can to maintain the status quo and play like they have never touched a ball in their lives. Their second game and they crossed that white line into the bland land of what can only be described as uselessville.

They have built that team around Rooney, but seem to have no idea what to do when Rooney stops playing, and the fact he had the cheek to complain about booing fans after the performance he offered us just showed that something is not right in that camp, as he can't believe he played well. It was as if he was the twelfth man for the opposition he was giving them the ball so often, in fact  every time he touched the ball it ended at their feet.

There were three players I would have had on that field and one that claimed he was a striker in the run up to the match, I would have moved to midfield as a holding midfielder, as Emile Heskey is a striker in peril and is afraid to shoot for the goal. But he was the only player up there that could get hold of the ball and keep it. But he was afraid to go into the box and when he did eventually break into it, he was afraid to shoot and opted for pointless cross, as Rooney was probably still on the opposite wing at that time.

Jamie Carragher who will not be playing in the next game due to a second yellow was defending our box on his own at times, mainly because the Algerians had realized they could charge down that side as many times as they wanted and the England team were too dumb to notice they had a problem.
And then James kept us in the game and the competition, as our goal was under constant attack that was no easy feat.

What is wrong with the players that they can play so bad and without heart is being hidden behind the camp walls but like I said before I look at the other teams and do not see anyone that we could beat and even the so called "lesser teams" could hold us to a draw or even beat us. I have heard the pundits say that other teams have had a bad start but then gone on to win. But does anyone believe that this England team could go on to win a tiddly winks competition if they continue to play the way they are?

Now that said I will still watch them as long as they are there, as I like many others am thinking that this is just bad opposition syndrome. This is where a team struggles to play against teams they should beat, but then go on to wipe out those teams they should struggle against. Normally because teams that expect to loose will put up one hell of a defensive line up and work on stopping attackers so hard that it becomes impossible to play against them.  Hopefully they get through and prove this to be the case but if that is not the case and it really is some other problem (the beachball) that most of the seeded teams seem to be facing, then I think FIFA have to look into it and sort out the problem, as I have never seen a world cup like this one, where so many teams that we know can play have been suddenly made to look like fools. The first world cup, where qualification to the knock out stages is open to all, no matter how good they are.
But just like England playing bad we also have Brazil playing good, the divers trying to and succeeding a lot of the time to do their diving and the referee's making one bad decision after the other. (That Kaka red card springs to mind.) So not everything has changed.

And we can always console ourselves in the fact that we have yet to loose a match and we are not doing as the french team are doing and asking for a guillotine on their requirements list

This is a modern world and the FIFA World Cup is a multi-million pound business, if not billion, you think they would give the fourth official access to a TV monitor, as those offsides and handballs are shown to us in seconds. It would also be nice to have some one that actually understands what is required to create a ball for the next one, as watching the explanations of what is wrong with the ball really does make it sound like they are discussing a beachball.

Anyone recall the Penny Floater football that you bought for a day at the beach for a quid or something and it always ended up floating off to sea, after a strong breeze grabbed it while you were playing football on the sand. There must be thousands of those things someplace floating around in packs, probably awaiting the arrival of the world cup 2010 balls.

I also wonder if England are training with the new ball or with the balls they brought with them, as it really looks like they are not.

One good point is that Rooney has showed he is maturing, as Rooney of old would have been red carded after some stupid challenge, after playing so bad.

But maybe the FIFA plan is to bring in more fans from nations that would normally forget about the game five seconds after their team has gone from the world cup stage, as the rest of us will keep coming back for the torture whatever happens?

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What ever happened to African Drums?

Everyone who has viewed the World Cup 2010 in Africa will have an opinion on the African Horns, even though at the moment I am starting to ignore the sound. Unsure if that is down to the TV comps changing the sound or just my brain ignoring it, as I am sure they are quieter on the BBC than on ITV.

But the thought did come to me, What ever happened to African Drums? It was their method of communication, celebration and ceremony in every thing I have seen with tribal Africans in it. But it seems for football they have taking up an instrument that is akin to the Aborigine horn or the Bagpipe with the way it grates on the poor person listening to it. I mean from what I recall from Tarzan, I am sure there were drums in the background, and the only horns I recall were from the elephants, as Tarzan had them trample the bad guys

So today's games are over and several players stood out and hopefully the England players can learn something from the North Koreans, like Heart, even though they struggled to maintain their shape into the second half, they really did show the spirit of the sport, even fighting enough to get a late goal.

I am also very happy to see Christian Renaldo's diving antics were quickly carded, even though he still got away with a few more dives, it was good to see a referee willing to quickly stamp it out. I also found it interesting that Portugal's game stopped the moment it happened and the Ivory Coast players were allowed to run past them and take the ball without the likes of Renaldo falling down, rolling round the floor and then demanding a card for the player. Maybe they are not as good as they thought they were?

As you can tell Renaldo is not one of my favorite players, as I just think his diving and demanding cards is just his cover to hide his flaws, as if you are as good as he thinks he is then he would not be loosing the ball so much and have to resort to frightening the opposition into staying away from him.
Maybe I am wrong and he does not dive just to put the opposition at a disadvantage, but if I am and he really does fall so often and with such effect, then maybe he should start playing for the girls team, as playing with the men is obviously too much for him.

Now onto the next days games and hopefully I can get to watch them all, as so far things keep coming up and I have to be driving someplace or other.
Has anyone noticed that the radio are not talking about the football, so once you are away from the TV you can't find out what is happening? I know one of the radio stations are supposed to be broadcasting the games or the England games but they don't come up on my car radio, so I am rushing back trying to catch whatever is left or the highlights, if I am pushed.
I have to be pushed to watch the highlights, as it is like watching a different game at times, as they are so heavily biased toward whatever team the person selecting the clips is partial to, and I want to make my own opinion of who played well.

Spain tomorrow, which should be a good game and South Africa's second game and set in the booby game morning spot is Honduras versus Chile.

Monday, 14 June 2010

So time for Auction selling hell

If you are not loosing your customers to the World Cup 2010, then the Big Brother show could swallow them up, so when to end your listings is a nightmare for the auction sellers.
On the upside you can always rely on your team or in my case the England teams dismal display to depress people enough to maybe want to do some shopping therapy to cheer themselves up. Not that I want England to do badly but being a Newcastle united and England fan does sort of get you used to football failure after all those years of hurt. This video captures the emotion of being an England fan perfectly


But every chance we get we willingly sit through the misery, as the alternative shown on the video is even worse.
Yes I have been watching the games even though I ended up missing most of the England match, and what I did see was very disappointing. Normally I would look at the other games and think there is no one there to be frightened of. But with the England performance I did see, there was no one there I could be sure we would beat. Maybe I am wrong and I hope I am but England just got held to a draw by a team they should have walked over.

We can't even blame it on the vuvuzela or what ever they are called. God those things are annoying and I am sure most of us have a suggestion of where they can shove them, rather than making that annoying noise.
The new damned world cup ball on the other hand, we like other teams could be blaming, as so far the only team that has had any success, has been the Germans, who have somehow been using  the same ball for the past six months. Why they can't all agree to use one ball as standard across the world so we don't have this same ball change every World Cup. Yes I know we used to play with anything that was round or otherwise in a lot of cases, as children but these or superstitious primadonnas that think it is unlucky to step out of the dressing room on the wrong foot. So they don't handle change well. FIFA sort the bloody thing out, it can't be that hard. Just look at the goal drought of this world cup and the dire grade of football we are getting.

The Big Brother part of the problem, I don't even know if anyone is watching it at the moment, but it does have a tendency to sneak up on the viewers and suddenly they are watching it religiously, every bloody night.

I have been looking at the schedules for both the World Cup and Big brother, and there is the occasional thirty minute window but soon we will have the dreaded Penalty Shootouts, which knock any timing of it all to hell, and then your item goes out for the asking price. Probably to some heathen seller that does not like Football (and that is proper football to our American cousins, which you play with your foot.You call it soccer. Just in case you missed the fact you have a team playing in Africa playing in a world cup tournament.)

I suppose now is as good a time as any to add more to, as you really will kick yourself later if you see your hard fought for items appearing on some sellers ebay store in a few days or weeks.
If you have not tried out then give it a try and enjoy the sudden drop of fees to minimal or even zero if you like. Check out the fee structure here.

And now who is playing tomorrow that I can scream at through the television?