Monday, 7 December 2009

Social network tips for Facebook that you may find usefull

Interesting selection of articles on making use of the social network sites for business this one is on Facebook

Top 5 Tips to Increase Social Capital on Facebook

By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer
Coca-Cola is the leading brand on Facebook with over 3.7 million fans. More and more brands are creating fan pages to capture the hundreds of millions of Facebook users across the world. Facebook can be a powerful tool to generate website referrals, engage existing and acquire new customers. It’s about creating meaning in your digital space that people want to be a part of. We’ll discuss how to brand your page, build relationships and engage and empower your fans on Facebook.

1. Brand Your Page
When you arrive on the Coca-Cola Facebook page, it is clearly branded. The landing page is almost a mini-Coca-Cola site where fans can “celebrate” their love for the soft drink company and become a member of the Coca-cola community. This pseudo Facebook splash page introduces users to the brand in a way different that the typical landing page. From the start, Facebook users understand the Coca-Cola page not just to be another Facebook page, but a platform to discuss, interact and promote the brand.
2. Inform Your Network
Send personal messages to those in your network that might be interested in your page. Blasting requests to join your page might not be the best approach–as it might alienate some of your network. Consider how you can make your page more than just a self-promotional tool. Maybe your Facebook page is where you raise money for a social cause… If so, it is a great introduction between your friends and your business–making the page less about you and more about your positive impact.

3. Be a Catalyst
There are many tools to engage your audience on Facebook. Consider the hundreds of Facebook apps, from SlideShare to Mafia Wars. Select those apps that are both relevant to your business and your fans. Some businesses have even developed Facebook Apps. San Francisco’s mayor, Gavin Newsom offers an application that serves as a badge of support and a fundraising tool. Or, consider contests and voting. Target was able to engage their audiences by asking their fans to allocate their donation dollars.
4. Offer Rewards
Why would someone want to return to your Facebook page? Consider how Sears added coupons for the products on their Facebook page. Users simply printed off $10 off coupons and brought them into the store for a discount. Simple, easy and a great way to engage your audiences. Or, what about contests? Adding a lottery-like drawing can entice non-fans to engage in your brand.

5. Empower Your Fans
With the influx of blogs and social networks, more and more people are empowered to become publishers. To capitalize on this, consider how you can incorporate your fans’ content into your site. For instance, your customers could create commercials for your brand. Have your customers submit the commercials and turn the voting over to your fans. The campaign creators will drum-up support through their own networks to create incredible brand exposure.

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

The great ebid treasure hunt

Treasure hunt on ebid net

Over the last few days we have been secretly hiding a number of "Treasure Hunt" listings throughout our 9000 product categories.

Each "Treasure Hunt" item listed is a popular product that, when found, can be won for free simply by clicking the ‘BuyNow’ button on the auction page. Each "Treasure Hunt" listing will be identified by a picture declaring “Treasure Hunt Winner”.

To make things harder the picture will not be shown in any search results or category listings and no keywords can be searched to giveaway the listings. Successful treasure hunters will have their prizes delivered before the New Year completely free of charge.

The number of "Treasure Hunt" listings will remain a guarded secret but 24 hours after the last one is found a notice will be placed in the News forum.
Good luck!

This is the image you need to search for but you have to be quick as three of the items have gone already and they are A lexmark printer worth and A coffee maker and the last one was a Heart Rate monitor.
You need to look for the image above, that will only be shown inside the treasure hunt listings, and will not be shown on the search image. So if the image is not shown then it is not a treasure hunt item, so only buy it if you are willing to pay for it.

Now I am off to search for some treasure and hopefully I will get it before you.

You can find out more and see who and what has been won on the ebid forum here.