Wednesday, 13 May 2009

More free stuff on ebay No 3

And just when you think the ebay idiot can't get any worse, then they just keep on messing up.

I first read this from an article being shown on PSU, that came from Auction Bytes here

How about this one for those of you wanting free stuff on ebay, and this one seems to be a great one for all, and up to this point I really can't see any defence against the thief and its accomplice (ebay.)

From ebays Purchase Protection Policy or better know to some as the thief's bible

What happens if a buyer believes an item is not authentic?
When buyers file a claim alleging that the item is not authentic, we require the buyer to destroy the item. Once a buyer confirms destruction of the item, we will reimburse the buyer or provide an eBay coupon.

You notice the none mention of proof of any form, that you destroyed the item or that you had the item verified by a professional.
Even if the worse came to the worse, how much does it cost you for a fake designer bag for you to destroy instead of the genuine article you bought from the ebay seller? And take photographs of the fake one destroyed.

Now the number of ways to take advantage of this are so numerous, it is just insane.

I really can't see any defence against this one, as ebay think you as the seller are just a thieving scumbag, that is out to rob the poor unsuspecting buyer.
They are ignoring the fact that you as the seller are more likely to have put a lot of effort into selling on ebay, and have plans to stay on ebay, so are not likely to want to destroy your feedback or your reputation, where as the buyer has no such concern, they can be back five minutes later with a new ID.

This one has now been changed slightly but ebay are still taking over the buyer protection, and you should read on to see how bad that is going to be for the honest seller.

So an insight into how ebay are going to run this policy is shown here at tamebay, which just confirms what we all knew would happen with ebay, and how they would be hitting the yes, yes, yes button every time without any thought or common sense. And this was not for a fake item, but apparently for an item not as described.

This is supposed to be coming out fully, next month, and as you can see by the test case that it is a great chance to get free stuff. Ebay will be claiming that they will be monitoring for misuse of this system but we all know how little ebay know about security, so this is your chance to have all the free stuff that you want with little effort.

Now as always I will consider the angle for the scumbag seller that attacks their competitors, as this one not only gets you some free stuff from your competition, which you could even sell on ebay (as they will not check.) It also costs them the item cost, the postage, and an ebay backed no arguments strike against the sellers account. Then you can hand out your bad feedback and the seller is closer to being kicked from ebay, back in their search, so you can use your alternative accounts to buy more free stuff, but with a lower payout.

Defending yourself against this one, as I said is impossible, as it is totally down to ebays judgement, so nothing you say or show will pacify their stupidity.
They also seemed to have failed to mention any seller protection for this, so it really is a case of the only way to be safe is sell some place else.

For a lot of the large sellers this will be nothing, but for the smaller sellers, this will be the nail in your ebay selling coffin.

So if you have not started moving at least some of your stuff to the alternatives, then now really is the time to start, as eventually one or several of the new ebay rules will have you closed down.

If anyone has any tips on protecting yourself against not just the scammers and destructive sellers with this one, but also the buyer who decides they are a little short one week, and figures it would not be made possible if it was not supposed to be used, then I would be happy to see a response, as I can't think of a thing.
And please do not just say bend over and give whatever the buyer asks for, as for most small sellers or auctions sellers, then that is not an option, as they have no way to build the loss into the price. A lot of us are having to do this now anyhow, but hopefully someone has a way to defend yourself from ebay. The only one I can think of is not to use it.


Another great trick for those auction wrecking competitors seems to be to get round the buyer requirements, so that you do not have to fit any of the requirements.

This is quite a simple task, as all you have to do is get the buyer to make an edit of their listing.
This can be done by asking if they could add a photograph, or if you see something wrong then mention it. The target will even thank you for your help.
Once they edit their listing, another little ebay glitch seems to work its magic and turns off the buyers requirements.

Your defence against this is do not make any changes, which includes adding extra photographs. Your customers may not like it but, they will like you less if you are no longer there.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

The shut down of

I created for me and my wife, in a hope to draw her away from the mad house that has become ebay and what I could see it becoming, which turned out to be warranted in this case.

The problem is, as with the old saying "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink" she struggled to see beyond the short term answer of ebay, as are a lot of sellers still hanging onto ebay are fighting to stay on ebay.
And although the customers were building and the sales were starting to flow regularly I think I agreed that we both preferred the auction format.

I am still looking at ways to increase sales off ebay, but now it will have to be through using the alternatives, as I can only see ebay getting worse and the more sellers stay on there the more damaging it will be to the auction used vintage market.

We are still trading to a small extent here and there but nothing major, as at the moment it feels like ebay is going to get their way, and the auctions will eventually be faded out, but not fast enough to let any competition get a hold on the market. So it is a case of just waiting until the small profit that is left on their is gone and we give up, as I am just so tired of the animals, that are the new ebay buyers, and the ebay mess that is allowing it to get like this.
The market is made for BIN sellers and unless you are willing to step into that method, it, in my opinion, is time to search out an alternative method of making a living.

As to our website customers, sorry for the inconvenience and I hope we see you soon on the alternatives.

A message to those buying from the alternative auctions.

I understand that on first glance you will think the auction listings are higher than the start prices that you see on ebay.

This is not just because most of the sellers have been restricted so long on ebay with their high fees that they now feel they can rip you off, but more because the traffic on these websites has not risen to the point that you can be guaranteed a sale at this time. So sellers are starting the item at the lowest price they will accept so as to prevent them becoming a feeder for other sellers.

I know the prices do look higher but how many times have you been on ebay and seen items you must have start at £2.99 only to shoot up to forty, fifty pound or more. But the likely hood of that happening at the moment on the Auctions I have chosen is very slim and you are likely to be getting the bag for the start price you see, which is a lot less than the price you will get on ebay.

At the moment during the transition period we are still accepting paypal, but as we move away from ebay, then we will also move away from paypal to what we feel are more secure payment methods for both buyer and seller.

We must add that these bargains may only be available for a limited time and eventually the auctions will have enough turn over to allow the sellers to reduce the start prices to what we have all grown accustomed to

Now why would the seller want to move from ebay where all the buyers are, I assume is your next question?

I can only speak for myself but it is possibly true for most sellers that I am moving from the ebay system, as I feel for to long sellers have had to put up with growing fees and lower security, with false claims of security to the buyers that they do not or cannot deliver.
This eventually comes back on us, as buyers have had a bad experience or have heard of someone else that has. So buyers tend to go into our business relationship jaded and afraid.
This I am sure you agree is not a great way to start a relationship and basically forced our decision in this matter.

And now to your security at the new auctions, please take the same precautions you would anywhere else and do not assume that scammers would not have followed us. At the moment, however, it may be a little harder to spot them as a lot of sellers are moving to the new auctions with a fresh start in mind.

So check through the listings carefully. You do have the option to get a lot of good bargains here, but again read everything and if you are unsure start asking questions, just as I hope you would on ebay. You are not under as much pressure with the listings on these auctions at the moment, I must stress, at the moment, as more people are starting to come to the auctions as buyer and seller, so this opportunity may only last a short time.

We are happy to see you and hope we can continue with the success of our past transactions and hopefully we have brought you here in time to grab yourself a bargain or three.

Take an opportunity to look around the forums, as part of my criteria for selecting the auctions, was the friendly forums. So if any of my customers require help then they can either ask me or unlike with the ebay community board they will not have to fear entering the forum and asking for help.

I would just like to add that we at hotandvintage wish ebay all the luck in the world with their new direction, and even though we do not agree that the world needs another Amazon. We sort of understand your thinking in this, so hope the rewards are as good as the risk you have taking with what was a sound business. We thank you for the good times and the opportunities that you gave so many people in the past, including ourselves. Once again good luck.

And now to our customers please feel free to browse our store that is constantly being filled, almost daily, as are our new auction sites to bookmark us so you don’t get lost in the future

The making of the Holy Grail or the Auction Search Engine

I have been partaking and watching some of the discussions on the making of the new MOAAS, (A Search Engine for Auctions that showed promise but suddenly faltered with no word of why.)

But some people seem a little lost in what we are asking of the search engine. I will try answer as best I can.

A normal search engine like Google and yahoo do not really go searching the web every time someone asks them to find something. They have already found it before you asked by sending out small programmes called spiders or bots that search the web scanning every site they find and mapping out the important details, and all that info has to be stored on a massive database or should I say lots of massive databases all over the world.
The reason they are so up to date is they have a lot of spiders running twenty four seven, as spiders are what they call low impact, which means they only use up small amounts bandwidth so they do not interfere with the running of the website.

They also have things like google base that you may know as google products search. Where people submit the info for their products, or the auctions they are selling on hand in the info for them. But this is only for items that have a fixed price and some auctions will only hand in items that fit specific criteria.

So when you ask for the latest mobile phone and google search for it, they are searching the database not the websites.

This is not really great for what we want but could be used for some parts of the search, such as fixed price, as long as we had enough spiders to keep it up to date. If the item is no longer available every time a customer searches for it then, they will stop using the search engine.

There are also other methods to search sites. You may have heard of meta search, that is closer to what we want but still has problems as it can produce massive amounts of data and if you look at sites like AuctionLotWatch that use this method, they will only scan the first page due to the amount of data it creates and the fact live searches can be slow if it tries to take on too much.

There are also the JavaScript searches that you can see with Alfie search or the Ebid searches that you can find on the PSU. These work by making use of the sites own search commands as if you were on them.

Problem with those is that not all sites can be searched, as some have coded search commands, it is limited by the number of sites that can be opened at once, it is controlled by the auction sites own options, there is no real sorted comparison and finally not everyone will allow JavaScript on their computer due to the fact it is heavily used in popups and can have security risks.

So what is the answer?

For me the perfect search engine (if we can’t have the auctions extending their own search engines) will scan the auctions like javascript but show the results in the same way google or a comparison script will show from the database.

But we can’t have that, as like I said live search is too slow at the moment but we could possibly request a compromise if we can get the auctions on board and try to get them to make a standard search criteria of search options. BIN, Auction, Ending Soonest, Newly Listed and all the other things we are used to, or more importantly our customers are used to. This would give the search engine a frame work to search under and the customers the option to thin down their search

Then after the user selects their preferred criteria we have a search engine that searches the first couple of pages the same way AuctionLot watch does. But at this point the server in normal circumstances will become dormant as the user reads the data it waits for the user to start pressing buttons or links.
So what if the Search Engine used this time to start searching on the next two or three of pages building a mini cache for the user sort of a smart search.
If we also had spiders doing the work, then some of the items could be drawn from the main database if there are a lot of fixed price in the search then all the better.

Now there have been a few other questions on why the search sites that are available now are not up to the job and do not seem to be covering the bigger auctions.

Again I can only offer what I see and make an educated guess but it could be a few things.
Database issues they just do not have the space.
Cost Issues, they have tried to charge for the service and failed.
Spider Issues, the spiders can be prevented from searching a site.
This can happen if the spider is not acting in the right manner, sticking its nose where it is not supposed to be, or is drawing on resources, as the person has set the spider up wrong, or as in ebays case with one company, the site thinks the search engine is detrimental to its business.
The only other issue that I can think of but there are probably a lot more is they are not searching the sites and are only using file upload like google product search, which is no use for auctions.

What you can do now if you are a seller?
If you sell fixed price items and you do not fit the criteria of your auction (ask them first,) then you could start making use of google base and sites like bidfind that will allow you to upload a csv file with all your fixed price items. If you do not have fixed price items, then would it not be possible to add a few just to make use of this service. And draw customers into your other products.

I think I have to stop working on this now for a little while, as it has started to cost me money, while I am doing the auction search stuff I am getting behind in the listing of items and stuff. I still have not had time to list on the new auctions, which I have to get round to as you see in the countdown on the top time is running out.

10% off if you help us rip them off

Old blog, some of this changed, as even ebay have to use their brains at some point

Has ebay hit the self destruct button again or is this just the funny season when all the nuts come out to play?

Ebay create a system where you can get better discounts if you have higher DSR's ( those stars on ebay feedback) And then set up the a second system to make sure you can't ever reach that goal as they will give a buyer 10% off their next purchase if they hand out lower stars to a seller.

So if you are happy or not you are better off giving out lower stars, as you get ten percent off your next purchase, still to find out if these can be combined, so you can get twenty, thirty or even one hundred percent free. Nothing would surprise me with ebay.

This is only in the US at the moment but will spread as all crap ideas from ebay do, but who is coming up with this stuff?

Another great idea from those great people at ebay, is to say yes we know that if you only offer item collection that paypal is not for you, but we will still force you to take the payment through paypal, as if a buyer wants to rip you off then they should be allowed to, (as long as we get our fees at the end of the day then who cares seems to be the thinking there.)

And for those of you selling eBooks and such ebay are about to bring in a rule to stop the sale of electronic media. But the clever part about it is, that they can kick you now and even suspend your account, and the fact they have not changed the policy yet, have not publicized the fact that this is going to happen, or even changed their system to prevent you from listing them, does not matter, as all good sellers will now have mind reading skills, and they will get rid of those bad sellers that do not.

Am I missing something here, has ebay decided they do not want any sellers or buyers, have they some other use for their servers that we do not know about?

Why do ebay not just allow us to promote our other auctions and websites on our listings? If they do not want the custom, all the other auctions will be happy to take us off their hands?

Please if anyone can shed any light on this I would love to hear from you, as these people have me stumped, why would anyone want to destroy a billion dollar business?

Ebay driving sellers to insane measures

Found this on the PSU and first thought it was funny until I started to read the listing on ebay, that I have pasted bellow, just incase they remove it. You can just feel what the person is going through and maybe it is the fact that we all probably feel the same it just makes it worse.

springlering (3241 ) View Listings | Report Apr-02-08 17:50 PDT

I am waffling about closing my 11 year old eBay account, and am hoping this will prompt eBay to do it for me, and save me the trouble. I am so sick of the whole da*n thing. I don't know what prompted me to start selling again. A moment of weakness, I guess. It's like a bad drug habit.

Ebay Member User ID For Sale 99.7% 3000+ Feedback!!!

Up for Bid:

One Ebay Member ID, opened May, 1997.

ID boasts a healthy 3,250 positive individual feedbacks making for a feedback rating of 99.7%. (eBay does not count feedback from repeat buyers, even though those are the best kind.)

Having left well over 10,000 feedbacks, this ID is very experienced, and prides itself upon those very repeat buyers, which are the lifeblood of any good ID.

It started out life as an enthusiastic, healthy member ID, taking pride in its appearance and reputation, and experiencing joy and serendipity in it's dealings as both a buying and selling ID. None of this schizophrenic "
I buy under one ID and sell under another ID and sometimes I diddle with both on the same auction" business.

It is proud of being an honorable ID, one that, as a seller, works to make it's winning bidders happy with their wins, and, as a buyer, to pay promptly when invoiced by fellow sellers.

A globe-trotting ID, with all the necessary shots, it boasts friendly and personal feedbacks from nearly fifty different countries, and considers it has done nearly as much for global relations as any host of ambassadors.

For many years, this ID was happy in its warm, comfortable, nurturing eBay environment, but then it noticed it was becoming tired and out of breath trying to create listings. "It's just old age", the Member ID thought. "I'm not as fast or efficient as I once was." "My arm is sore. I wish this Mexican bidder would stop twisting it and threatening to leave negatives if I don't give her the same postage rate as someone in the USA."

It wearied of trying to outrun accusations of dishonesty by prank bidders. "What men are these," the ID wondered, "who would steal their closest kinfolks passwords and bid nilly willy on laptops they didn't really want? What hath the world come to? Nay, is it the End of Days? Or simply a Fool's Paradise online?"

Then the ID realized, it wasn't all old age. eBay was secretly contributing to the problem, like six pound ankle weights on a treadmill walker (the Member ID was very familiar with this form of torment). It seemed every day there was a Policy Change email lurking in the inbox, waiting to pounce like a crazed nonpaying snipe bidder.

"My head hurts!" moaned the ID. "The rules are changing so fast,I get dizzy".

"Take the Pill!" cried eBay. "Trust our diagnosis! Our corporate doctor, while knowing little about the day to day operations of an actual eBay user, does know what's best for all Member IDs!! He's not an auction participant, but he did play one on TV!"

But the honest little Member ID found the side effects only made things worse. It began to question eBay's motives, worse, to doubt them.

Question upon trouble, trouble upon question began to burden the poor ID's wearisome thoughts, even intruding upon its sleep.

The Member ID even tried taking a six month cold-turkey holiday from eBay, but foolishly found itself lured back, like a hobby moth to the flame of virtual e-commerce.

So, now, sadly, this ID finds itself in poor and declining eBay health lately. The relationship has become abusive, and unhealthily co-dependent.

In short, the Member ID finds that it needs to make a clean break from it's owner, for both their sanity.

This Member ID has been diagnosed with the following malaise:

Advanced Non-Paying Bidder Syndrome: a cancer eating away at eBay

DSR Fluctuations: symptomatic of Advanced NPB Syndrome (see above), in which nonpaying bidders can leave malicious feedback and infect otherwise healthy cells, I mean, stars

Best-Match Palpitations: onset of sudden and unreasonable fear of being lost and never found in a formerly friendly environment

TurboListerrhoids: frequent cramping and bloating occuring during loads

Fee Ennui: Debilitating worry that fees are multiplying and spreading, and finding you no longer care

Bull-imia: The act of accepting absolute and utter bullcarp from eBay as Gospel, and trying to keep your feet out of it, while you wrap you mind around what sense it makes. Warning: This condition may cause confusion, disorientation, and irrational spurts of anger.

Altzliarheimers: Symptomatic of foreign wiseheimers demanding you to lie and put an alternate value on Customs forms.

Scams: Embarrassing condition involving others. Not to be confused with scabs, although equally ugly, bothersome and annoying when visible in public. Deemed necessary to hide, or at the very least, politic to ignore, by eBay.

Blockage: frequent necessity to block unwanted or unwelcome bidders, since Ebay won't operate to remove these dangers themselves. Avoid eBay Brown Bag Lunches at all cost, as these will only exascerbate symptoms.

Shillarrhea: When one's blood pressure rises upon suspicion of shilling. Often accompanied by Blurry Vision: seeing stars when one should see bidder IDs when viewing a bid history

Fleas: Irritating condition in which ID's items are considered unworthy. All small IDs have them. eBay said so.

Quarantine: a mandatory 21 day isolation period for Paypal payments, at eBay's discretion

IDgestion: the gut wrenching, sickening feeling occuring upon logging in to eBay these days

This ID has been told it has four weeks to live, and should make arrangements for last rights on or near May 1st, at which time, life support, in the form of Feedback reciprocation, will be removed, and negative bloodletting will begin.

There is no transfusion for this condition.

There is neither health insurance, nor customer service available, either, unless you count the standard eBay canned response: "Take two aspirin, clear your cookies, and don't call us in the morning."

This ID has been fully tested, and found to be devoid of any relatives, small children, or pets. It is therefore guaranteed completely free from the infectuous, highly contagious problem that many other IDs suffer from: "my brother/toddler/dog placed the bid and didn't mean to".

It comes from a smoke-free household. It does, however, cause steam to escape involuntarily from the ears on occasion.

Winning bidder will win all rights to this ID. Seller will provide winner with password, after payment of winning bid, and after removing seller's personal information, and replacing it with winner's own information. We can complete this transaction via phone, or in person. Seller retains all rights to, and will erase the current About Me page, but will happily work with winning bidder to create a replacement page.

Seller cannot, obviously, guarantee continued success, or profit of any kind, to buyer. Take at own risk. May cause irratibility and/or cramping. And gas. Do not use while operating machinery or size 4 font.

The photo below is a non-bidding, non-binding dog, and is not included with the auction. I show him only as an example of what this Member ID plans to do upon shedding itself of itself.

Anyone wants to show the way this is hurting people to the press, then show them this listing that you can find at: Link to listing

The vasaline add on ebay

160246537635 This is the number of the listing, although I don't think it will be there any more than the two day baby offer.
But this is a have to read so copied it to here.

A BRAND NEW JAR Full Of Petroleum Jelly!

Note: The photograph is of my own personal jar of petroleum jelly that is opened, only to show you what is offered inside the sealed containers I am selling. Many vendors often disply the contents of their sealed packages done in this listing. Notice mine is almost empty? I had to use a lot of this after my first attempt to bring you this listing and you will need a lot of this product too in the near future! OUCH!!!

Your buying experience online has been improved with new policies. Members are reporting they got bummed by new policies. Obviously a A spoon full of petroleum jelly is not nearly enough so I have revised my listing and now offer full jars! The product I am now offering is Brand NEW, FULL, UNOPENED JARS of Petroleum Jelly. I offer this to the community because it is obvious you will really need lots of Petroleum Jelly to ease the pain you are feeling as an online buyer or a seller. This is not a medical cure nor is it intended for cosmetic purposes but please read on as it will help you bare the pain of your online buying experiences!

Buyers feel they can trust online sellers with 100% feedback ratings when unknowingly, the feedback systems are manipulated by third parties who did not participate in any part of any of the transactions between buyers and sellers. Lowlife, former low rated, sellers appear to be trust worthy today. There are currently sellers online right now with a lifetime achievement of 70% and even lower, who are represented as 100% rated sellers. This happens when the seller is inactive and after 12 months his negative feedback doesn't count any more. If you meet one of these sellers as a buyer you really need this product because you are getting bummed two ways! Ouch! Buy It Now to ease the pain!

Sellers who were just days ago rated 99% now have lower ratings than complete bums, although they have been selling 100 items a week online for 10 years! All they did was let non-paying bidders off the hook and processed a mutual decline an exchanged neutral feedback to make it complete! If you are one of those sellers or a buyer who misses out on that sellers great services due to feedback manipulation and search manipulation you really need this product because you are getting bummed!

If you are a buyer and don't get feedback because a seller is boycotting the feedback changes, you need this products because you are getting bummed!

If you are a seller and your bidders have offered to sell you positive feedback and you can't neg them, you need this product because you are getting bummed!

In all, the only members who may not need this product are the low rated members who's feedback improved. This bummed the whole community so you can really see there is a high demand for this product! If you are one of the sellers who have benifitted from the new policy you might want to buy this product and Neg me for offering it to the community! In that case I can do nothing about it and I will use my own product since I will be getting bummed!

I will provide you with one brand new jar of petrolium jelly with your purchase to sooth the pain of getting bummed! I reply to email promptly in the event you need some sort of customer assistance but hopefull you will already know what to do. I offer free shipping and will pay all fees on the money I spend to ship your petrolium jelly to imporve my ratings. This does increase the price for you overall but no one told you that. Opps you got bummed again. Maybe you should buy two!

With the above in mind it is obvious that some people may have been bummed emore than others. For those requiring large quantities of petrolium jelly at a volume discount, you should contact me for a special listing. I am to please all of my customers!

Some online servces like the idea of sellers leaving feedback for all buyers when payment is made. I think this is a bum policy but I will comply with the trend and wishes of these services and post this positive feedback for you when you make your payment. "They Bought Petrolium Jelly when bummed by Policy! A+A+"

I will ship one brand new jar of petroleum jelly to each buyer within one day unless damands overwhelm me. This product may become back ordered due to overwhelming demands, but I just got off the phone with my suppiers and have been assured that I will be receiving tractor trailer loads as needed to assist my custmers pain! I also have employees that I will bring into the packaging process of this item to meet the demands of the community. Rest assured I will provide product to ease your pain!

Profits generated from the sales of this product will be used to assist in promoting this product, so other members who got bummed and don't even know will be made aware. With any luck the whole world will soon know this community got bummed by changes, through the sales of this petroleum Jelly to help ease that pain.

I offer other interesting crap for good causes in my other listings too, so be sure to check them out. All the crap I offer is of the finest quality money can buy and proceeds help a good cause. The only one who can make a differance is you and this is how you do it! God Bless!


Flat Rate shipping services for mailed payments only with no returns.

Parcel Post & Priority Mail (UPS if applicable) shipping services are listed for PayPal or mailed payments with a 14 day return policy.

All payments are expected within 10 days of online purchase. Items paid through Paypal with improper shipping charges will be refunded and handled as an unauthorized payment option through Ebay until an authoized payment option has been completed as specified in this listing.


Flat rate shipping is offered for mailed payments only with no returns.

Parcel Post & Priority Mail (UPS if applicable) are offered for PayPal or mailed payments with a 14 day return policy.

All items will be shipped with delivery confirmation. Items valued over $250 total including shipping will require a signature. Insurance is always an option you may wish to add. Original packaging must be retained for any shipping claims.

Terms of Sale:

All items listed are sold under the Ebay Trade Assistant Program. As a result I offer two shipping options to simplify the legalities of consignment sales online.
It is required by FL law that I operate under the supervision of a Licensed and Bonded Broker. I also must retain posession of all items offered on consignment until the consignor is paid in full. Due to the Buyer Protection program offered by PayPal it would be illegal for me to accept PayPal as payment for the consignor since the payment could be reversed. Here is why! The reversal would actually place a hold on another consignor's funds where the new Ebay buyer's goods could not be shipped until PayPal decided the first dispute and the funds were again collected on the item disputed so the next consignor could be paid. That is a direct violation of laws governing consignment sales! Paypal should address this issue for consignment sales on Ebay and persue inforcement of the Ebay contracts on consignment item since PayPal automatically voids all Ebay contracts! Furtunately there is still a Non-Paying Bidder Policy and those individuals who have made Paypal illegal by voiding the Ebay contract through Paypal will be booted off Ebay after three strikes by other sellers who sell there own goods. Below I will describe how I offer a return policy or discounted shipping legally and can accept PayPal with the return policy option only.
Flat Rate Shipping: I offer a discounted flat rate shipping to all buyers who purchase the item as-is using mailed payments. This saves the buyer money but this does not mean I cannot offer you any service. I want you to be happy with your purchase! The ebay contract however is a binding contract and it allows me to resolve any buyer issues according to law and moral responsibily as with any reputable business.
Parcel Post, Priority Mail or UPS Shipping: PayPal and mailed payments are accepted. A 14 day money back guarantee is offered! Return shipping is te buyers responsibility and S&H is money spent to ship the goods and is non-refundbable. In order to make the return policy legal I pay the consignor for the item myself, ship it to you and stand behind it! Keep in mind Pawn Shops and Consignment Shops never offer any warranty so this handling charge is a valid and valuable service and you are almost always getting the item for less than you would have paid at the Pawn Shop or Consignment shop even with the shipping & handling.
Note: There is no CC surcharge being applied here. You are paying a higher S&H for the option of making your purchase contract void on ebay where I will personally stand behind an item I would legally have to offer as-is only...