Thursday, 29 October 2009

is ebid.nets good news of three million listings being hidden?

I know most people like a who done it, so here is one for you.

This blog post popped up in my google news stuff for and it shows this link

As you can see I made some changes to the original spam of the article, I marked out the first few in red to point that out what I have changed. Basically changing ebay to ebad and then changing ebid to

Currently is eBad is the biggest player in the online auction and e-commerce game. But things are shifting and these shifts are not necessarily in Ebad’s favor. (Though eBad remains a great way to make money — as well as a great place to find great stuff at a great place, many are looking for an eBad alternative.) Now is that a marketing line or not?

The reasons for this are several fold. But the number of reason people are looking for alternatives to eBad is that eBad has made several changes in the past couple of years. The most important of these for sellers has been the initiation of new fees for listings. As a seller you will have to pay a fee when you list your item as well as when it sells. If it doesn’t sell, you still owe Ebad for the listing fee.

There are other reasons people are looking else where as well. These include buyers who have grown weary of the old Ebad style of business. Despite the fact that there are well over 100 million eBad users, the company’s growth has slowed and people (both buyers and sellers) are finding new sites to do business.

There have been alternatives to Ebad which have cropped up in the past, Yahoo!Auctions is a good example, but many of these were not successful in part because most everyone was pretty happy at Ebad. Today, many folks are looking elsewhere, so if you are looking for an alternative to sell your products, here are a few of the best options.
My favorite non-Ebad e-commerce site is the fast-growing for a couple of simple reasons. First, and most importantly, my stuff has sold well there even though it is still a much smaller marketplace than Ebad. But it’s growth quarter over quarter has been phenomenal.

The other reason why rules is that they do not have any listing fees so your costs will be lower. Some sellers use the lower costs to offer buyers better deals, but most simply pocket the difference and improve their margins. In fact, some people that I know use both and eBad for simultaneous listings and to great effect. But, back to the listings.

On you have the option to enroll to their basic or premium seller structure. As a basic seller you are charged 3% of the selling price per item. As a premium seller you can buy access to the site in chunks for a time. You simply pre-purchase access for a week or a month and can list and sell items during that period. It’s a hassle free way to do business and works for both volume sellers (who work as premium sellers) and smaller sellers (who operate under the basic plan).

But, clearly, the best thing about is that there are not any listing fees. This is huge if you want to test out a market or have some items that you aren’t sure will sell. For this reason, is my number one Ebad alternative.

Another option is netSpray which bills itself as the “Free Online Marketplace.” At netSpray there aren’t really any fees. You don’t face an insertion fee, a service fee, a final value fee or have to subscribe to the site in order to use it. Additionally, you can export your listings via a widget and place them in your own website or blog or on another site such as Facebook or MySpace. You can also include mini-listings of your item in emails if you have a newsletter or are an email marketer.

So those are a couple of options you might consider if you are looking for an ebad alternative. And of course there will always be new e-commerce sites popping up every now and again and I will do by best to keep you appraised of those. But, and here is my final word:

For most people eBad remains the best place to start out. If you are already a powerseller, you have the resources and background to conduct a successfully campaign on another site. However, if you are just looking to learn how to make money with auctions then eBad remains your best bet. Sure, sign up at and netSpray but focus most of your efforts on Ebad. You can still make a lot of money on eBad if you are willing to learn the game and learn your market. Even in the face of new fees, most people are still doing well on eBad and will continue using the site.

You can read the rest if you follow the link and You can find the real ebid fees here and if you would like to know what sellers are doing to promote their products without paying others money you can check here
Most ebid sellers do offer their goods cheaper than ebay. In fact if you search the blogs, almost every seller offers their goods cheaper on any other venue, including their own sites or auction sites like This is one of the problems ebay is trying to face, as they offer their powersellers around 20% discount, in a hope that their sellers would pass on the discounts to buyers. Problem is none of them did, so ebay had to start offering the discount coupons direct to the buyers, which also seemed to fail.
The only thing you may notice on ebid, is that sellers will list at the lowest price they want, as they are not restricted by the extortionate fees that ebay have for simply listing an item, and as everyone tells you, that is the growing site, and the traffic is still building. So the start price will often be the end price, and unlike the hidden buyer system of ebay, if anyone shills on ebid they will be kicked, and unlike it seems on ebay, that will not depend who they are.

One or two of us tried to add a comment telling the writer of their error, but, as with so many of these ebay promo articles, the comments are ignored.


Now this is an ebay marketing blog, which is easy to see, as it has mentioned them more times than anyone would in a lifetime, and they offer ebid as their favourite alternative, my stuff has sold well on (Adding that red to indicate their clever use, or none use of the name when they mention that their stuff sold well on It is littered with that stuff)

Now there is so much that is puzzling me on this, so I may add to this page over the next few days, as I gather my thoughts.

But one of the puzzling things is this blog is basically a nothing blog, and by that I am not calling the writer, I just mean it has nothing on it to warrant its rating 1/10.

Then when I did a search for its back links

I got this

1 items to sell on ebay
2 things to sell on ebay
3 items to sell on ebay
4 Things to Sell on Ebay
7 Things to Sell on Ebay
14 things to sell on ebay
19 things to sell on ebay
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25 p­rod­ucts­ to s­el­l­ on­ Eb­ay
30 wholesale products to sell upon ebay
43 stuff to sell on ebay
44 items to sell on ebay
53 wholesale items to sell on ebay 83
55 wholesale products to sell on ebay 41
58 wholesale products to sell on ebay 57
59 wholesale items to sell on ebay 110
60 items to sell on ebay 246
61 best wholesale products to sell on ebay 246
62 wholesale items to sell on ebay 213
65 Things to Sell on Ebay 35
66 things to sell on ebay 26
67 Things to Sell on Ebay 93
68 Things to Sell on Ebay 61
69 Things to Sell on Ebay 57
70 pr­o­­d­uct­s t­o­­ sell o­­n Eba­y 40
71 Things to Sell on Ebay 63
72 Things to Sell on Ebay 57

I left it in a bit of a mess at the bottom as I got bored cutting out the crap but I am sure you get a idea of the sites that they are back linked to, and what they do. You may not be able to do this again, as all the back link sites I checked today no longer show anything for this site.

The who is reads like this

Domain ID:
Domain Name:
Created On: 06-Jan-2009 00:00:00
Expiration Date: 06-Jan-2010 00:00:00
Sponsoring Registrar: 'Check Whois' (GODADDY) (GODADDY)
Status: client_delete_prohibited,client_renew_prohibited,c lient_transfer_prohibited,client_update_prohibited
Name Server:
Name Server:
Registrant Name: Bryan Stabile
Registrant Street1: 1013 Oaklands Dr
Registrant City: Round Rock
Registrant State/Province: Texas
Registrant Postal Code: 78681
Registrant Country: United States
Admin Name: Stabile Bryan
Admin Street1: Round Rock, Texas 78681
Admin Country: (512) 255-9879
Admin Email:

Now there is the question of who done it and why?

Could it be that has a lot of talk going on about the fact are about to reach three million listings, and if you swamp the search engines, with professional use of search words and a forced 1/10 rating, then anything you write will be pushing the real story to the bottom of the listing, and people can be lazy, and not look further than page one.

netSpray by the way does not really look like an alternative selling venue, but is more some form of marketing tool, used by ebad sellers. Never heard of it so I may look at it later.

If you are new to online selling or an old hand, check out

If you are new to selling, I can only advise you to stay away from ebay, if you are wanting a safe place to sell, as it has become a hard place for those that have been there for years and have seen it all. So I really do not know how hard it would be for someone new to selling to start up on ebay.
You will be better off going to, where the sellers on the forum will help you all they can. Even if you sell what they sell, they will still offer guidance. Unlike ebay where if you sell what another user sells, then you will either be attacked for daring to offer the same goods, or they will use you for a supplier, while ebay hides your goods in the best match.

But if you have found this and are looking at the article above, then do your own research before taking anything as gospel, as there does seem to be a lot of misinformation flying around.

I may work on this again in the morning, but now it is late and I have had enough for the night.

But hopefully you ask the same question as I have is ebid.nets good news of three million listings being hidden, and by who?

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The lunatics have taking over the asylum or ebay

Ebay seems to have taking over the clawback procedure, and as always they have their own idea of how you should read the distance selling regulations, or will just blatantly ignore them,

Ebays links you to this:

Your legal rights and obligations

The Distance Selling Regulations 2000 generally apply to sales to consumers made by sellers acting in the course of a business, which have been made at a distance. In other words, where there's no face-to-face contact between the seller and the consumer before the contract is made.

The Distance Selling Regulations apply to items purchased via Buy It Now listings and Second Chance Offers on However, they don't apply to auction format listings on

These regulations provide a period of 7 working days after the date of receipt within which the consumer can cancel the contract (often referred to as the "cooling off" period) and get their money back, including the original postage and packing charges.

The consumer can be asked to return the goods at their own expense, but only if the seller informed them of this requirement before the contract was made (otherwise, the seller is responsible for collecting the goods).

This right of cancellation does not apply to:

  • Custom-made goods - Goods which are tailored to your own specifications (such as custom-made wedding gown).

  • Goods that by reason of their nature cannot be returned – This covers medication for example.

  • Perishable goods - like fresh foods or flowers.

  • Sealed items, which have been unsealed - audio or video recordings or computer software that you have unsealed.

  • newspapers, periodicals or magazines

  • Accommodation, transport, catering or leisure services - where the seller has agreed to supply the service on a set date or within a set time period (for example hotel accommodation; plane, train, or concert tickets; car hire; tickets to sporting events).

The regulations above only apply to a business seller – consumer buyer transactions. However, even a consumer seller is required to ensure that correctly describe the item. Learn more about returns and your legal rights and obligations

As you can see Auctions are excluded, and are supposed to be excluded on ebay UK but, you think sellers are going to be allowed to use that. Not in this lifetime.

So if you need an auction, where you are assured that the idiot is not going to come back 35 days later after they have tried to sell the item, and failed, and then asked ebay for their money back then go to, where auctions still work.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Extra taxes plan for car boot sales

Car boot sales will face extra taxes under new Government plans, it has emerged.

A revaluation of business rates from next April is set to hit the sites of car boot sales, including pub car parks, ministers confirmed.

Communities Minister Barbara Follett confirmed the plans in a written answer to shadow communities secretary Caroline Spelman, saying: "Where a property is used entirely, or on occasion, as a car boot sale site, its rateable value for the 2010 revaluation should reflect any rental enhancement attributable to that use."

Mrs Spelman accused Prime Minister Gordon Brown of a "tax assault" on those who wanted to use car boot sales to kit out their homes during the recession.

The Valuation Office Agency is set to revalue business rates in England and Wales in April 2010. For car boot sales, these rates will be on top of those charged by the council.

The Tories said the Government was "tapping into the growing popularity" of car boot sales as a result of the credit crunch.

They warned that higher taxes on car boot sales would inevitably be passed on to customers through higher admission charges and more expensive goods.

Mrs Spelman said: "In the depths of a recession, car boot sales are more important than ever to help households raise some cash or give people a chance to buy second-hand.

Full Story from here

Another attack from this government on recycling and the environment, so next time they are at the door and saying we are looking after the environment for your children, then you can shut the door in their face with a loud laugh, and not feel guilty over it.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sellers believing the ebay hype like 1984 double speak

The biggest issue I have noticed at the moment, is more a problem for the BIN sellers, that seem to be under some delusion that it is their own ability that is doing all the work, and it has nothing to do with the changes ebay have made to increase their profits.
I have heard it several times from some of the most level headed sellers, claiming they are there due to their great knowledge, and ability. And then adding that those struggling on ebay are struggling due to their inability, as if ebay had not made the changes.

I think, if they really do believe this, and they really do seem to, then they need to check themselves, as this could really hurt their business in the future. Over confidence in your abilities can be just as destructive as under confidence, as when they come to face a real challenge then they quickly have to face up to the truth.

It is funny how these same sellers, start to struggle again, when they move to what is an auction site, such as, that is set up like ebay used to be when it worked for all. Most of them are selecting the BIN alternatives, or stick with ebay, as their confidence in their abilities seems to falter when faced with the work to prove what they are claiming.

Come on people wake up I know ebay have a good brain washing school, but this could harm your business in the long run.

Ask yourself the magic questions?

What changed?
What did you change?

Now be truthful, when you ask yourself this, as the rest of the world is laughing at your stupidity and sudden ebay inflicted ego boost. I am also wondering if you get a message on the telephone every night that goes something like this

In hypnotic tone "Bad sellers will be removed from ebay, so you must be good sellers, praise yourself for all the good selling you are doing. You are successful, and we have not changed the search, the feedback and the pricing system to suit you, that is just the bad sellers making noise , do not listen to them, just remind them they are bad sellers, and you are good sellers, good sellers, good sellers."

Funny how when these sellers speak, and praise their own ego's that you would not think ebay had changed anything.